IT Consultancy

Our IT support is provided by SafariTec and we offer a range of Information Technology services designed for business productivity, from expert consultancy to technical support and training to automating business process.
In partnership with SafariTec, we offer expert technology assessment advice, strategic , design and project management services for business users.  

·         · Lower their IT service costs,
·         · Increase productivity and efficiency
·         · Secure their business platform for today and the future
·         · Gain peace of mind knowing their IT services are in trusted hands.

We're passionate about bringing you quality IT Support Our Online Support tools allow us to monitor and remote-control your server or workstations from our location.
This gives us the opportunity to react quickly in case of any problems or errors, or even breakdown of your IT system. When you need rapid support, we can run this completely safe and secure software on your workstation or server.
By telling our technician the appropriate code, we can enter into your system and look at the problem as you see it in real-time. Telephone consultation will also enable a clearer understanding and rapid solution of the problem.

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